The Story of Jack Ramsden’s Life and Times

Since he was a young boy, Jack Ramsden has had a deep-seated passion for the sport of horse racing, and his fascination with the industry dates back to those formative years. Because he forms strong relationships with the horses and intuitively understands how to coax them to perform at their very best, he is an exceptionally effective bettor.

Ramsden had completed thirteen straight winning years during his career in the 1980s and early 1990s. He did this by concentrating mostly on speed data and race timings to predict which horses would have the highest prospects of winning.

The Beginning Years

Because Ramsden’s father was a long-haul truck driver who was usually on the road and his mother was a compulsive gambler who cared more about winning than taking care of her children, Ramsden did not experience what you would consider to be a typical upbringing. In fact, Ramsden’s childhood was everything but normal.
However, it was because to his mother that he acquired an interest in horse racing, which would later on in his life lead to a lucrative profession.

After receiving his high school diploma, Ramsden went on to pursue a career as a stockbroker. He remained dedicated to this line of work until the early 1980s, when he realized he was prepared to embark on an entirely new way of life. Not only did Ramsden spend many hours poring through form books, but he also made it a point to devote at least two hours of his time each and every day to evaluating his wagers to see whether or not they were suitable for the circumstances. In Oscala, Florida, where he and his wife Josephine were residing at the time, he found employment in a business that specialized in the breeding and training of animals.

After almost seventeen years of marriage, Ramsden and Josephine eventually had a divorce that was so nasty that it forced Ramsden to go back to his hometown of Lexington, which is located in the state of Kentucky. Nate Washington, his closest friend and also his business partner, stayed by his side throughout the process, and the two of them eventually created a little training company.

A Provenance of Victory

Working with horses made it simpler for Ramsden to make smart selections when it came to making bets, since he was always searching for a probable 3/1 chance horse that had been tagged as an 8/1 chance. This made it easier for Ramsden to win his bets.

He maintains that there are around forty of them each year and that they are difficult to see, but the fact that he worked alongside some of the finest trained horses in the region provided him an edge over other bettors in the area. His strategies centered on the understanding that a good horse may run a slow time, but a poor horse can never run a fast time. On the other hand, a bad horse can never run a fast time.

Colin Webster, a skilled bookkeeper, was employed by Ramsden to provide advice to him on all of the wagers that he placed or was considering placing.
Ramsden owes him around $7,500 annually for his advise and for placing bets for him with other bookies in addition to Ramsden’s own establishment.
Ramsden will often place a number of wagers all at once, and by using this tactic on four different times, he has been successful to the tune of more than $300,000 in total winnings.

Ramsden set a new record in the United States by winning thirteen years in a row at one point in his career. This is the most consecutive years someone has ever won in the United States. His ability may be attributed to the many hours that he has spent carefully analyzing betting lines and cultivating a rapport with the equine athletes he backs in his wagers.

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