EUROPAL jubilee seminar ‘Assessing Better Regulation in the European Union’. Tuesday 18 December 2018

Dear all,

You are cordially invited to the EUROPAL jubilee seminar ‘Assessing Better Regulation in the European Union’.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday 18 December 2018 (9.00-18.00) in ‘Huize Heyendael’, campus Radboud University, Geert Grooteplein Noord, 6525EZ Nijmegen.

Over the past five years, several Radboud researchers have taken an active interest in the design, operation, and effects of EU Better Regulation. This research has been conducted by members of the multi-disciplinary research group EUROPAL: Europeanization of Policy and Law. First, various generalist EUROPAL members have studied horizontal matters like EU consultations, impact assessments, and ex-post legislative evaluations. Second, various policy experts have assessed better regulation in particular policy domains, analyzing the quality of EU law and law-making in realms such as environment, public procurement and migration.

This seminar serves to celebrate EUROPAL’s five years’ lustrum by taking stock of the functioning and results of the EU’s Better Regulation program. By juxtaposing EUROPAL research results with observations from external observers and practitioners, it seeks to contribute to the development of a new research agenda on matters of EU regulatory efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, the event is timely with an eye on the 2019 EP elections, and the purported formation of a new Commission. Hence, beyond showcasing EUROPAL work and exchanging academic views, the seminar is intended to provide a platform for debating better regulation, and developing directions for re-development of the better regulation agenda.

To address these challenges, the seminar comprises keynotes by prof. Claudio Radaelli and prof. Helen Xanthaki (University College London) as well as Maarten Smit, member of the cabinet of Mr. Frans Timmermans. Furthermore, the program contains thematic assessments of consultations (Pieter Zwaan) and ex-post legislative evaluation (Stijn van Voorst), as well as thematic assessments in the realms of migration (prof. Kees Groenendijk), environment (Barbara Beijen), and public procurement (prof. Pieter Kuypers). For the complete program, please see the attachment.

Participation in this event is free of charge. Please note, however, that the number of places is limited. Should you want to attend, please register before November 15, via

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