NOVEMBER 28, 2018
On November 28, 2018, the University of Groningen and the Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance (NILG) will host a PhD workshop entitled “New Directions of Law and Governance”. This doctoral workshop precedes the NILG Tenth annual congress which this year is organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen and it will be dedicated to the discussion of the legal implications of blockchain technology. The conference ‘Blockchain, Public Trust, Law and Governance’ will take place on November 29-30, 2018 in Groningen. Blockchain technology appears to have the potential to shift the way in which government offers public services and engages with citizens. PhD candidates working on the governance of peer-to-peer networks who did not submit their abstracts to the general blockchain conference at an earlier stage are strongly encouraged to apply for this PhD workshop. Blockchain is, nonetheless, not the only “new direction” of law and governance. Rather, we are witnessing broader shifts which are not only explained by technology but also by novel privatization trends, the rise in populism, decreasing public trust in government and EU institutions and the refugee crisis. This inclusive doctoral workshop invites submissions on these other perspectives and new directions of law and governance. Selected participants will be given the opportunity to present their research projects to a small audience and receive constructive feedback from each other and from senior experts from different fields of law. Our list of confirmed experts includes Professor Christoph Busch (University of Osnabruck).
University of Groningen & The Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance
The workshop will take place at the University of Groningen and it will be hosted by the Dean of University College Fryslân, Professor Andrej Zwitter. Campus Fryslân is a unique faculty based in Leeuwarden. This interdisciplinary campus offers high-level education and research opportunities to international students, PhDs and world-class researchers. Leeuwarden-Friesland is also the 2018 European cultural capital. Participants can also use this opportunity to visit not only the city but also the beautiful surrounding area which Lonely Planet recently described as “one of Europe’s best hidden gems”.

The NILG promotes cooperation opportunities among individual researchers, institutions and faculties in the Netherlands and abroad. The institute’s principal objectives are to create connections between research projects, increase the scale and to improve the visibility of law and governance research and researchers. The institute is an open platform for the exchange of expertise and researchers. To this end, the NILG organizes annual conferences and PhD forums. Partners in the NILG are the Groningen Centre for Law and Governance, the Kooijmans Institute for Law and Governance, the Law and Governance Group and the Chair in Law, Governance &
The NILG is an open network: PhD candidates are welcome to participate in this workshop.

Submission Information

Doctoral researchers interested in participating are invited to submit their abstracts with a maximum of 500 words to Proposals should be submitted by no later than August 30. Successful applicants will be notified of the result by September 15.

Final papers should be submitted by October 15.
Please direct any queries regarding this doctoral workshop to

University of Groningen, Leeuwarden
Free of charge (refreshments and lunch included) and, if applicable, free access to the Blockchain conference. We do not offer at this time any reimbursement for travel or accommodation expenses.

Organization team PhD workshop:
Prof. dr. Sofia Ranchordás
Paulien Winter, MSc
Prof. dr. Andrej Zwitter

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