NSCR Kennisdag

On 12 June NSCR is organising a seminar ‘Victims within Criminal Trials’. The seminar aims to bring together academics and practitioners who engage with victims in criminal law on a daily basis. Practitioners will learn about the most recent academic insights on victims in criminal trials, and academics will learn about the challenges and problems encountered in day-to-day practices. In addition, the seminar brings together experts from domestic and international courts in order to compare and contrast their experiences, practices and insights.

Three important victim-centric topics will be discussed: victims participation, reparation and apologies. The discussion panels will consist of both practitioners and academics, with expertise in international and domestic courts. Speakers will highlight the most important developments over the last decade and explore the promises and challenges of victims participation, reparation and apologies within criminal trials.  Each panel will be concluded by a discussant highlighting the main similarities and differences between the domestic and the international courts, and bringing together academia and practice.


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