Workshop VWR-VSR ‘New Perspectives on Active Learning and Teaching in Legal Education’

Op vrijdag 3 november 2017 vindt de workshop van de VWR en de VSR plaats, getiteld ‘New Perspectives on Active Learning and Teaching in Legal Education’. De workshop vindt plaats aan de Universiteit Utrecht van 10.00 tot 17.00 en zal voornamelijk gehouden worden in het Engels.

The Netherlands Socio-Legal Studies Association (VSR) and the Netherlands Association for Philosophy of Law (VWR) are organizing a one-day workshop on new perspectives on active learning and teaching in legal education. In the Netherlands, we see a rise in university colleges in which a variety of ‘legal’ courses are taught in a broad bachelor curriculum, most of the time under headings like ‘law, society, and justice’. Also, traditional disciplinary courses in sociology of law, and jurisprudence, seem increasingly in need to compete to courses such as ‘perspectives on law’ and ‘law and human behaviour’. Given these developments, we want to address the question how best to teach these type of courses, exploring active ways of learning and teaching, introducing the use of for example visuals, drama, role play and poetry. We seek to promote these active ways of teaching and learning, and to exchange best practices, with an aim to strengthen the academic nature of legal education.

The workshop kicks off with a plenary session, by Maksymillian Del Mar who will talk on image and imagination in legal education. Subsequent to the plenary session we will have parallel sessions during which best practices are presented and exchanged. As we intend to reach out to the broader community of legal scholars, including those teaching at the different university colleges, we expect most sessions to be in English.

Call for participation
We invite you to attend this one day workshop, and even better, to contribute to it so that it will be a success! Please send us an e-mail in which you briefly mention your teaching methods in your courses, and why you think sharing these methods will be beneficial for others teaching law in a changing academic context. Note that we do not want full presentations during sessions, but aim for an exchange of best practices.

The idea is to eventually collect contributions with an aim to publish a special issue on the theme in the journal Law & Method. Please send an email to Bald de Vries (, Bart van Klink ( or Wibo van Rossum (  if you seek to attend and/or participate.

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