Security, Emergency and Law: Towards a Multi-Scalar Approach

Public Research seminar with
Prof. Kim Lane Scheppele, Princeton University
And Prof. Mariana Valverde, University of Toronto
MONDAY MARCH 20, 4-6PM, followed by drinks

Location: REC-B (9th floor) – Common Room Political ScienceRoeterseilandcampus – gebouw B/C/D (ingang B/C) Nieuwe Achtergracht 166 | 1018 WV Amsterdam
Receptie B: 525 5340 Receptie C: 525 5470
Chair: Prof. Marieke de Goede, University of Amsterdam
Discussant: Prof. Wouter Werner, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mariana Valverde will propose a multi-scalar approach to security, exploring the links between local networks of security and global issues. She discusses ‘urban security’ and ‘resilience’ as modes of urban governing where the local and the global intersect.
Kim Lane Scheppele will talk about The International State of Emergency, analyzing state responses to UNSC Resolution 1373 (the ‘blacklist’). She shows how states were pushed by compliance with the resolution into invoking that same script. Like Valverde, this discussion links the global and local and shows how international law, transposed into domestic systems, undermines constitutionalism.

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