post-graduate programme on “Sustainable Development and Human Rights Law”

The University of Antwerp Law Faculty’s Law and Development Research Group will be running a post-graduate programme on “Sustainable Development and Human Rights Law” (SUSTLAW) from 11 April 2016 to 10 June 2016. SUSTLAW is a comprehensive teaching programme based on the research lines of the University of Antwerp Law and Development Research Group. SUSTLAW consists of four taught clusters on “International Law and Sustainable Development”“Human Rights and Global Justice”“External Actors in Aid, Trade and Investment” and “Law in Developing Countries” and two interactive project weeks. The programme also incorporates an evening ‘Law & Development lecture series’.


The programme offers high quality teaching and learning in a dynamic environment, paying attention to South-North as well as the South-South interactions. Development is not conceived in unidirectional terms (from North to South) but as a process characterised by complex social, political and economic interactions across the globe where Southern actors play and ought to play roles as important as Northern ones. Key themes explored will include not only human rights implementation and development cooperation but also standard-setting on human rights and sustainable development for the future.


Scholarship Opportunity

13 scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants from the VLIR-UOS list of developing countries.  The scholarships cover the programme fees, accommodation, travel expenses, visa costs, insurance and an allowance. (The list of VLIR-UOS countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a scholarship are listed in the document that is attached)


More information will be available at the end of December 2015. Applications will open on 5 January 2016.

Deadline for VLIR-UOS scholarship applicants: 20 January 2016

Deadline for self-funded applicants: 1 March 2016




Please distribute this announcement widely among colleagues and staff.


Kind regards,


Ellen Desmet


Ellen Desmet

IAP Project manager / Post-doctoral fellow
Human Rights Centre / Law and Development Research Group
Ghent University / University of Antwerp
Universiteitstraat 4 / Venusstraat 23
9000 Ghent /  2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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