First Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Europe (CELSE)

21-22 June 2016, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paper Submission Deadline: 15 February 2016, 6:00 (CET)

Empirical legal studies are well established in the United States and are now part of the academic mainstream. In Europe, meanwhile, law reviews still rarely feature empirical work and doctrinal analysis continues to dominate legal research and teaching. Yet there is increasing pressure as well as growing demand—from research-funding institutions, policy-makers and legal practitioners—for European academic lawyers to investigate the empirical foundations of their theoretical claims and to explain how legal rules emerge from social interactions and shape social outcomes. Hosted by the University of Amsterdam and sponsored by the Society for Empirical Legal Studies (SELS), the first Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Europe (CELSE) brings together academics from law and other fields who embrace the empirical turn and seek to develop empirical accounts of law and legal institutions in Europe.

For more info see the website.

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