Erasmus School of Law is looking for talented students interested in a PhD in empirical legal studies

Are you interested in pursuing an academic career, and in doing empirical research on the intersection of law and the behavioral sciences? If so, then the Erasmus School of Law’s EGSL competition provides the ideal opportunity to fulfill your ambition. The Erasmus Graduate School of Law (EGSL) offers promising young researchers the opportunity to earn a PhD position at Erasmus School of Law (ESL) through a competition that funds excellent research proposals. Applicants are invited to submit a proposal of their prospective doctoral research, with the best projects receiving a four-year PhD position at ESL. Interested? Then get in touch with the researchers at BACT. The Behavioral Approaches to Contract and Tort program unites excellent researchers from throughout the social sciences in the empirical study of legal issues. Thereby, the BACT program will connect you to first-rate collaborators and supervisors, whose extensive experience and expertise will help to enhance your proposal, and maximize its chance of success. Make Rotterdam the bridge toward your academic success!


For more info, contact Chris Reinders Folmer:

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