Call for Papers: Monitoring and Evaluating Rule of Law in EU Member States; Critical Analyses of Current and Proposed Mechanisms

Call for Papers

Monitoring and Evaluating Rule of Law in EU Member States; Critical Analyses of Current and Proposed Mechanisms

Over the past decade, many mechanisms have been established and proposed to monitor and supervise rule of law in EU Member States. The hope is that these mechanisms will strengthen rule of law across the EU.

The need for strong rule of law in EU Member States is uncontroversial. The EU is a community of values; respect for rule of law, among other fundamental values, is partly the reason for its existence, as Article 2 TEU indicates. The EU has made rule of law promotion part of its policy towards third countries, and this foreign policy loses credibility if the EU is preaching abroad what it fails to practice at home. A lack of trust in the legal systems in other member states undermines cooperative mechanisms within the EU which are based on the principle of mutual recognition, such as the European Arrest Warrant. Investment decisions by private actors (may) partly depend on whether the legal systems of Member States comply with rule of law.

It is also evident that compliance with rule of law cannot be taken for granted, as a series of CVM-reports on Bulgaria and Romania, the Roma crises in France in 2010-13, and the constitutional controversies in Hungary 2011-13 have demonstrated.

But are current and proposed mechanisms really suited to strengthen rule of law?

The Paul Scholten Center for Jurisprudence (University of Amsterdam), the Erasmus School of Law (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law organize 2 workshops which explore the ambitions, limits, potential, use, abuse and accountability of current and proposed mechanisms to monitor rule of law in EU Member States.

Dates: Monday 24 November 2014, and TBD April 2015

Deadline 500 words abstract: 30 June 2014.

For further information, please read the Concept Note or contact Ronald Janse ( or Sanne Taekema (

Also see this pdf: Monitoring rule of law in the EU

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