11 april: Innovative adjudication in Dutch courts conference

The Legal Research Master of the University of Utrecht proudly presents its seventh yearly conference, with this year’s theme:

Innovative adjudication in Dutch courts

Currently the judiciary in the Netherlands is developing quickly. There is an increasing call for a more effective and efficient court system. Furthermore, citizens are getting increasingly assertive. Citizens are more demanding and accountability is deemed more important. Consequently, fast completion of cases no longer suffices. Citizens demand both fast and fair outcomes and procedures. These developments have already led to numerous initiatives taken by the judiciary in the field of civil, criminal and administrative law.

Against this background, the LRM-Conference 2014 discusses innovative ways of adjudication in Dutch courts. Examples of initiatives in this respect are the introduction of the so-called ZSM-approach in criminal law and online dispute resolution experiments in civil law, such as burenrechter.nl -project. In administrative law, it is not only the new case management of administrative courts which poses interesting questions, but also the procedural fairness experienced by citizens while involved in procedures with public authorities. These initiatives will be discussed and evaluated from an interdisciplinary and international perspective by numerous experts in the field of dispute resolution, such as Maurits Barendrecht, Allan Lind, Maria van de Schepop, Lin Adrian, and many others.

See the UU website for more info.

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