Lezingencyclus project Crisis, Continuity and Change

Op het ISS/EUR is een nieuw project gestart, zie de website:

The world is marked by an omnipresent sense of crisis which is not strictly confined to events based or time-space configurations. The Crisis, Continuity and Change (C3) project is not only concerned with scholarly analysis of how crises have originated and how they have had an impact on socio-economic and political practices. The project also addresses the manner in which we theorise crisis in its own right. The C3 project will bring a number of scholars of international standing, from a range of various social sciences disciplines and law to engage with these questions.

In januari start een lezingencyclus met de volgende sprekers:

Schedule of Speakers (Please consult this site again for changes)

Prof. Bob Jessop, Lancaster University, 28 January 2014

Prof. Matthew Watson, University of Warwick, 6 February 2014

Prof. Robert Boyer, EHESS, Paris 20 February 2014

Prof. Margaret Hermann, University of Syracuse, 27 February 2014

Prof. Wouter Werner, VU Amsterdam, 13 March 2014

Dr. Laura Horn, University of Roskilde, 20 March 2014

Prof. David Chandler, University of Westminster, 10 April 2014

Dr. Claes Belfrage, University of Liverpool, 22 April 2014

Prof. Mark Duffield, University of Bristol, 6 May 2014

Prof. Andrew Gamble, University of Cambridge, 15 May 2014

Dr. Angela Wigger, Radboud University Nijmegen, 27 May 2014

Dr. Magnus Ryner, King’s College London, 5 June 2014

Dr. Sam Ashman, University of Johannesburg, 12 June 2014

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