CALL: Special issue AI & Society, Journal for Knowledge, Culture and Communication

CALL: Special issue AI & Society, Journal for Knowledge, Culture and Communication

Mediating Justice: the changing nature of presence in the era of ubiquitous

Papers are presented at EIT ICT Labs Conference Mediating Presence, 4 December 2013, Delft University of Technology.

Dr. Caroline Nevejan, Professor Inge van der Vlies, Dr. Satinder Gill,

Dates: abstracts: November 15th, Conference 4 December 2013 Delft University of Technology final papers March 15th, publication AI & Society 2014. Send your abstract to:

This special issue seeks to explore the fundamental judicial issues we face in the decades to come. We welcome, amongst others, contributions on the following subjects:

> Emerging architectures for justice
> Emerging architectures of presence
> Emerging visual literacy for justice and law
> New metaphysical outlook for justice in the network society
> Mediating Justice
> Mediating Presence in the Courtroom
> Mediated Judicial Persona (judge, witness, prosecutor, lawyer, offender,
> Network action as judicial deed
> Being witness to mediated action
> Justice in networks with no use of court
> Capacity for justice in networks
> Capabilities needed for network justice
> Mediating justice outside the courtroom
> Servers as the new public domain
> Effect of no privacy on judicial processes
> Causality in network society
> Judicial dynamic between commercial and political realm
> The place of justice in a globalising world


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