ACLE Law Seminar Series on Economic Evidence in Legal Procedures

ACLE Law Seminar Series on Economic Evidence in Legal Procedures

Dear all,

In continuation of the concept of a common theme in our seminar series, the ACLE is proud to announce that the legal series of the Law and Economics lectures for the coming academic year will centre around Economic Evidence in Legal Procedures. This sub-series is produced bij Saskia Lavrijssen and Adrienne de Moor-van Vugt.
Emphasis will be on the application of economics in competition law, regulatory and IP infringement procedures. How do national courts and regulators assess economic evidence in court? What has been the role of and influence of expert witnesses and economic reports in procedures like the Microsoft and Google cases? What is the standard of proof for proving competition problems and infringements of competition law? And for IP law? Is there a difference between the way UK, Dutch, European and US Courts deal with these issues? What are relevant economic priciples for compensation of competition law and IP infringements? What kind of economic principles play a role in compulsory IP licencing? And what are alternative forms of compensation for the use of copy rights in (out of court) procedures?

Distinguished scholars have committed to contribute. Please find the agenda below.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the discussion.
Best regards on behalf of
Saskia Lavrijssen
Professor of Consumer and Energy

Adrienne de Moor-van Vugt
Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law
Agenda 2013-2014

Date Speaker Topic                                       
4/11/2013 Prof. Martin Kretschmer
(CREATe Centre, University of Glasgow)
Alternative forms of Compensating Copyright holders for the use of their works, such as flate rate models
2/12/2013 Prof. dr. Hendrik Kerkmeester
(judge in the Administrate High Court for Trade and Industry, University of Antwerp)
Economic Reports in Competition Law and Regulation Procedures
Prof. dr. Martijn Scheltema
(Pels Rijcken & Drooglever Fortuijn andErasmus University Rotterdam)
The Effectiveness of Private Enforcement
10/2/2014 Dr. Anna Gerbrandy
(Utrecht University)
Establishing Truth in Court Proceedings in Relation to Economic Evidence
10/3/2014 Prof. dr. Pinar Akman
(CCP, University of East Angla)
How Can Behavioural Economics Inform the Law? An Example from Unfair Pricing?
07/04/2014 TBC Prof. Gregory Sidak
(Criterion Economics and Tilburg University)
Pricing for Compulsory IP Licensing
Prof. dr. David Bailey
(King’s College London and
Barrister at the Brick Court Chambers)
The Standard of Proof and Economic Evidence in UK Competition and Regulation Procedures
Time: From 12.00-13.30 h.  Venue:
Faculty of Law Faculteitskamer / Faculty’s room – A1.01 Oudemanhuispoort 4-6
1012 CN  Amsterdam (map here)


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