Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology positions for Doctoral Researchers

Job Description

      The appointees will contribute to the development of the Department’s research issues relating to law and cultural diversity in a globalized world.


      The Department of Law & Anthropology was established in March 2012. One of its aims is to offer a prominent platform where both lawyers (academics and practitioners) and anthropologists are involved in the study of diversity challenges in the contemporary era.
      Research topics:


      The Department will prioritize empirically informed research on (and analysis of)

legal practice in the face of cultural diversity

       in Europe as well as globally: inter alia in the field of migration; minority rights; identity issues; human rights more broadly defined; property claims and their protections. This includes the study of the workings of institutions of social regulation in various settings.
      Research method:


        The application of legal anthropological insights (extensive empirical research/fieldwork) will be part of the research method. The researchers will receive, as needed, appropriate training in the research methods of legal anthropology.

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