18 june: Rebecca Sandefur on legal professions and access to justice

Hague Visiting Chair on Rule of Law Rebecca L. Sandefur visits Paul Scholten Center on Tuesday June 18, from 13.00-14.30


On Tuesday June 18, 2013, Rebecca L. Sandefur will visit the Paul Scholten Center for Jurisprudence. She will give a lecture on her work on legal professions and access to justice. Prof. Britta Bohler, prof. Jonathan Soeharno and dr. Nienke Doornbos will provide comments. Sandefur is the 2013 Hague Vistiting Chair on Rule of Law  http://www.hiil.org/hague-chair-on-rule-of-law and assistant professor of sociology and law at the University of Illinois School of Law in Urbana-Champaign. She is also Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Senior Research Social Scientist at the American Bar Foundation


Sandefur has published the landmark Access Across America, the first-ever national and state-by-state portrait of the services available to assist the U.S. public in accessing civil justice. The report, released by the American Bar Foundation, was co-authored with University of California-Berkeley Ph.D. student Aaron C. Smyth.


Sandefur’s recent work includes “‘Golden Age,’ Quiescence, and Revival: How the Sociology of Professions Became the Study of Knowledge-Based Work,” Work and Occupations 38(August):275-302 (2011), co-authored with Elizabeth H. Gorman; “Money Isn’t Everything: Understanding Moderate Income Households’ Use of Lawyers’ Services.” In Middle Income Access to Justice, edited by Anthony Duggan, Lorne Sossin and Michael Trebilcock. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press (forthcoming); “Lawyers’ Pro Bono Service and Market-Reliant Legal Aid.” In Private Lawyers in the Public Interest,edited by Robert Granfield and Lynn Mather. Oxford University Press, (2009); “Access to Justice: Classical Approaches and New Directions.” In Access to Justice, edited by Rebecca L. Sandefur. Sociology of Crime, Law, and Deviance, Volume 12. Bingley, UK, Emerald/JAI Press (2009); “Access to Civil Justice and Race, Class and Gender Inequality.” 2008 Annual Review of Sociology 34:339-58 and “Lawyers’ Pro Bono Service and American-Style Civil Legal Assistance.” 2007 Law and Society Review41:79-112.

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