10 september: UvA lunch seminar met Jeroen van der Heijden

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Compliance and Enforcement
Seminar Series


The UvA Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE), and the VU Department of Criminal Law and Criminology cordially invite you to a lunch seminar with


Dr. Jeroen van der Heijden


New Governance: Yet Another New Regulatory Paradigm?



Over the last two decades a new approach to public problem solving has emerged. It builds on collaboration between state and non-state stakeholders in addressing public problems through experimental forms of decision making and policy implementation. This seminar reviews the rich literature on this new governance paradigm in political science, public administration and legal scholarship; and, applies it to a study into new governance in the Australian and Dutch building sectors. The aim to do so is (i) to understand the extent to which new governance theory has crystalized over the last 20 years, or so; and, (ii) to uncover future trajectories for new governance theory that may help us to better understand when, where and why new governance will be more (or less) effective in solving public problems than other approaches.
About the Speaker

Dr. Jeroen van der Heijden is an assistant professor at the Australian National University (Regulatory Institutions Network) and the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Law School). His general research interest is in regulation and governance. In particular he addresses public sector reform and new forms of governance in the fields of climate change and environmental policy. He performs cross-country and cross-sectoral comparative work. Within his current positions in Australia and the Netherlands, he mainly works on a four year research project on New Governance, funded through an early career researcher’s grant by the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). At the Australian National University he coordinates and teach the Law & Regulation Course within the College of Law.

Date: 10 September 2012
Time: 11.45 – 13.15 (lunch seminar)
Location: Amsterdam University | UvA
University Library (UB) | Singel 425 | Amsterdam
Room no.: Potgieterzaal (C0.01)
Information: Prof. Dr. Benjamin van Rooij | b.vanrooij@uva.nl


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