1 september deadline: proposals for Conference Resource Wealth and Regional Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Call for papers International conference Resource Wealth and Regional Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean

13-14 December, Amsterdam

Within the framework of the above international conference, you are invited to submit a paper to contribute to the following panel:

Unraveling the Narratives of Latin American Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is anchored in stories of popular psychology. According to the Anchored Narratives Theory (ANT), every piece of evidence tells a story which eventually is anchored in “knowledge” of the world in the sense of a general rule (popular psychology). Together, such general rules reflect historical and contemporary patterns of behavior, practices, traditions, beliefs and thought, and as such form cultural resources which are used to give meaning to social life. This panel aims to understand social life by looking into such anchoring of lawsuits in Latin America. Recognizing that customs, values, norms and patterns are implicit institutions which rule social behavior, the institutions thus lay foundations for judgments of courts (state law) and indigenous authorities (customary law). These judgments, sentences or settlements are based on (loads of) evidence, usually gathered in files. By analyzing those files and unraveling the evidence which is used one can come to understand generally accepted rules or common sense presumptions. Paper proposals for this panel should be based on an analysis of a (recent) lawsuit, settled by either a court or an indigenous authority in any of the Latin American countries.

Please send your paper abstract of max. 250 word before September 1, 2012 to:

More information on the conference:

We are looking forward to your proposal and we hope to see you in Amsterdam,

Arij Ouweneel & Marc Simon Thomas

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