deadline 15 August: Postdoc Human Rights and the City (0,8 fte)

Function description

The researcher will investigate the potential of reference to international human rights in addressing social challenges currently faced by Dutch cities. Human rights, ranging from the right to privacy to the right to housing, contain more and more specific duties for authorities. With the increased competences of Dutch cities in the social field, they have become the first authority responsible for realization of these rights. This is in line with a strengthened international emphasis on human rights cities. Recently, a number of Dutch cities have also adopted the identity of ‘human rights city’, or taken a specific human rights treaty as a point of departure for policies. The reasons to do this range from seeking to strengthen social cohesion, to catalyze action, to address a specific policy problem, to demarcate authority vis-à-vis the central government up to strengthening city identity. In investigating the reasons for introducing ‘human rights in the city’ and the degree to which this discourse helps in addressing social challenges, the researcher will conduct comparative and qualitative research in a number of Dutch cities, like Utrecht, The Hague, Amsterdam and Middelburg, and compare developments there to international developments. The central question to be answered is: “What do selected cities in the Netherlands consider to be the potential added value of reference to international human rights in addressing social challenges, and what lessons can be drawn from their experiences?”


More info in this Word document: Vacancy post-doc Human Rights and the City

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