13-14 Maart 2012 Access Denied – Working an a new paradigm

Irregular immigrants and persons with weak immigration status are often excluded from the formal social security arrangements in their countries of work and residence. This raises a growing number of legal, practical and political issues. This conference seeks to analyse these issues and bring together academics, policy advisers, practitioners, international organisations, NGO’s and representatives of migrant interest groups to explore alternative approaches to social protection and migration.

Conference goals: – To present the research findings of the Cross-border Welfare State research group on the relationship between immigration, social security and integration ( http://www.crossborderwelfare.nl) . – To serve as a platform for initiating further research on alternative approaches to social protection and migration, such as: minimum standards for vulnerable groups, voluntary insurance for emigrants moving abroad, collective private insurance and government expatriation programmes.

Invited key-note speakers: Dr. Ryszard Cholewinski, Migration Policy Specialist at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Dr. Kay Hailbronner, Professor of Law at the University of Konstanz, and Dr. Loïc Wacquant, Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Workshop sessions on: – Reception of asylum seekers – Social rights of irregular migrants – Income requirements in migration policy – Integration requirements in migration and social policy – New approaches to labour migration and social security – Return facilities as an alternative form of social security – Migrants’ informal sources of social security

Please consult the conference website for more information www.rechten.vu.nl/accessdenied


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